Peace of New Earth Project

Leftover noodles making shop in ethanol, this fuel to boil the noodles.

“Udon Province” in Kagawa Prefecture on the rise in popularity of naming, to model recycling society udon “noodles entire circulation project” begins.

Machinery manufacturer in Takamatsu, “Manufacturing Chiyoda,” Mr.Ikezu of two years ago, listening and being burned noodles disposal of tons of 1,000 years from the factory noodles in the prefecture, with the centers, etc. Shikoku Industrial Technology Research Institute, embarked on a study of ethanol extract from the noodles.

A year ago, in addition to fermenting yeast was cut noodles, succeeded in distilling the ethanol.

Processed at one time 200 kilograms noodles, also built a large plant to extract 60 liters of ethanol per week.

Has been a recycling society  in order to make effective use of resources, to stand up in this project, “County noodles” It’s popularity is likely to further up. (2012.1.15)